Sunday, February 17, 2013

Anal Fun!

I met someone at a club, he asked me to dance and things got a little heated on the dance floor. I decided to throw my rule book out the window and take him home. Nobody had ever got me that hot in a public place and so i went for it. I took him home and we could hardly control ourselves in the taxi. Inside my house we didnt waste much time and was soon naked, ( condoms issued etc) he was just so hot, the first time was pretty quick but we both came. Then i thought it was over so we made small talk, but he went at it again. Great. Im shouting out all sorts of things, completely lost in it, Only this time for some reason i shouted 'stick it in my arse' which i have never offered before... So he did.. It hurt like hell but i soldiered on cause after all id asked for it??! Then he cums.. but I hadn't ,. He puts a fresh condom on and goes back in my pussy with me on top at this point im thinking great he can still keep going??! So im riding him, and i cum and so does he. Hes grinning up at me and im thinking wow! Then we sort of smelt it.... When id came i had poo'ed. I am mortified!! I wanted him to leave but he just laughs and says 'well u asked me too fuck the shit out of u!' He gets up pulls the sheets off, whilst im hoping the ground swallows me up. Still so embarrassed i want to die, He cleans up the mess, even taking my sheets downstairs and putting the washer on. He then carries me into the shower and tries to calm me down. We get washed up, and as i get dried he makes the bed and then throws me onto the bed and he wants too go again!!! I expected him to freak out but i made a bigger deal out of it than him. We ended up dating for over a year but i never let him in my arse again.

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