Monday, May 13, 2013

Just Kidding

One time, I was having sex with a guy, and we weren't together, and he was joking around (I didn't know) and he was like "I forgot a condom" And I flipped out. I pushed him off of me, and he literally fell onto the floor. I looked down and I was like "That's a condom??" And he was like "No kidding" Haahaha, oh my god, it was bad. Probably more embarrassing for him though. I still can't believe he fell to the floor though

She Banged him to Death

Please Keep Anonymous xx So I Was dating this guy for about 6 months and we had already slept together a lot . . He gaves me the keys to his place ( As i wanted to cook dinner) and told me he would be back by 8, While i was there i didn't do dinner. . . . I Just got changed into A Sexy little outfit (Corset, Heels, suspenders). . . Anyways when he came back i was waiting laying on the bed. When he spotted me his mouth dropped open straight away, (Big confidence boost) XD He walked straight over to me while undoing his shirt and climbed on . . . Won't go into details . . . About ten mins later i climb on top and start riding him Hard and Fast !!! I had my head back . . Eyes closed - Enjoying the moment XD. . . When suddenly i dont hear him moan any more . . And he has stopped moving !!!! So i jump up take his pulse and nothing ( Whether im doing it right, Who knows XD)!!!! I shout his name over and over . . At this point tears are streaming now my face !!! Then i remember he told me ages ago that he had minor heart problems so i run to my phone call an Ambulance and sit next to him crying and waiting. . . . . . . He gets taken to the hospital. . . I Follow in my car, Once in the hospital they ask me all sorts of horrible question like Any drugs, booze etc. . Im like hell no !!! Just sex !!! I told them he had a Heart problem . . Hours i sat in the waiting room In My corset !!!!! But Thank Fook I changed into jeans Before i left !!! By Morning he was fine XD But he did have to explain to all his Family what had happened XD Soooo Embarrassing !!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Look Out For CCTVs!!

Went on a girls holiday a few years back, after a night out met a hot bloke took him back to my hotel but we were locked out! So just decided to have sex in the open restaurant area. We were at it for ages and were completely wild after he went home nd I passed out in a mates room. The nxt day very hung over we went to the restaurant as im sitting there sipping my beer I read a massive sign saying CCTV in operation! I was so embarrassed, made worse wen the owner got me up to sing 'like a virgin' ohhh dear

Lube Up!

Ok so bit of a gruesome story here, was down in a small town near Glasgow for over a week with my fiancee (then GF) staying with friends while we were there and didn't really get much privacy. So genius me says i was gonna take a shower and she supposedly had a headache and going to lay down but in reality she slips into the bathroom and we lock the door, intent on just having some time together on the floor.

Long story short, i was a lot more exited about the situation than she was as she was dry as a bone but due to my inexperience at the time tried to go in anyways which resulted in a nice 1.5cm tear along the shaft of my penis.

is an understatement and ended up having to get a stitch to close it properly and the surgeon didn't even give time for the anesthetic to kick in either

Regardless to say since then it's either wait til she's dripping or lube up bloody good!!

Friday, May 3, 2013


One of the most embarassin moments would have to be.. one night. my ex bf came over and was goin to spend the night.. me excited and couldnt wait for this hot guy whom i started datin.. prepared myself in the maintance dept for the hopes we would do the deed itself.. so after the foreplay.. make out session which was quite hot.. cause boy did this guy know how to kiss.. lol.. i didnt wat was about to happen... all i can remember was . as we were in the act itself.. i didnt remember much.. cause when i woke up. it was daylight.. i was in bed. he was on the couch fully dressed.. and wouldnt utter a word to me.. I guess his slow gentle moves.. didnt it cut it that night. cause int eh middle of intercourse.. I FELL ASLEEP IN THE MIDDLE OF IT ! lmao ahhaha.. i felt so bad.. like who falls asleep in the middle of sex? lol.. he never called me the next day.. and i think that was the last time. him and i ever attempted to have a night of hot rondez - vous .. but he did knwo how to put a girl to sleep.. ehhe -------AVM.

Common Problem

"So I've never told anyone this story because it was really embarrassing but here it goes... So a few years back an old friend and I reconnected. Now before we stopped talking there was alot of sexual tension between us that we never acted on. So being that things had changed and we were both available now, we decided to attempt to rekindle old flames. So we hung out like old times sake and had a nice time. Just when we were about to part ways things started to heat up. Now he drove a pretty nice size truck so we stayed in the vehicle. One thing led to another and I began to ride him, it was so hot and heavy after we both came together I could just feel how wet I'd gotten and that he was soaked. So we got dressed said out goodbyes and that was that. When I got home to take a shower my panties and thighs were covered in blood. It seems at the very second I received a call he said when he'd got in his boxers and legs were soaked and he was pissed. I was embarrassed and apologized because it wasn't due to come on. And yeah we've never spoken since that night. "

Dont call your mom!

I was dating this guy in high school and we pretty much fucked when and where ever we could. Well one of these times I didn't check my phone and I butt dialed my mother. When I got home I was in my room and all of a sudden my mom is in my room and says "I sure hope your using protection with that boy!", with the meanest look on her face. Then she said "you might want to make sure you don't call people in the middle of it and show them your sex noises". I was mortified and couldn't look her in the eye for weeks.